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IT Managed Service Solution

Here are some of our managed service solution that apply for several business field. If you don’t see your business in list below, don’t worry, we still can provide solution based on survey from your requirement

Hotel Solution

We have managed service solution for hotel. We optimize IT system in there to work properly and support the business

Office Solution

Sometimes, IT infrastructure in the office is not in a well-maintained level or proper condition. We are here to handle those problem.

Hospital Solution

We deliver an integrated Hospital Information System and also maintain it to make business process in hospital work smoothly

ISP Solution

We are not an ISP, but we can offer managed service solution for ISP who need to maintain their device and connectivity

Commercial Building Solution

There are so many things about IT in commercial building, we can assist you to manage all of those things to minimize the problem

Public Area Solution

Manage the IT infrastructure in public area such as Wi-Fi service or surveillance system.

IT Manage Services Solution

Hardware / Infrastructure Managed Service

As an IT infrastructure supporter, starting from strategic planning, determining what IT devices will
be used or upgraded and which ones are maintained, as well as IT infrastructure equipment maintenance services.

IT Manage Services Solution

Software Managed Service

Especially for companies that are realizing that supporting applications in their offices are starting to be less supportive for their employees, in this case managed services can evaluate to replace software, make new applications, or upgrade from existing ones as long as the application allows for developed


Why you should use Manage Service?

What are the benefits of managed services for companies?

Lower maintenance cost

The company's monthly expenses are well budgeted. The benefits of managed services can save hardware, software, network infrastructure costs, HR costs, and routine maintenance


Your company can allocate funds for more vital interests other than IT infrastructure, such as strategic project investments.

More Focus

You can still focus on realizing company goals without the need to add new staff or think about optimal ways to manage server performance for 24 hours. Let managed services handle your company's IT problems

Let’s create something extraordinary together.