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We have quickly realised that we are not a building but a group of incredibly talented, dynamic and thoughtful people with brilliant relationships with their clients.

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A Message from WIT.ID

Hi Everyone,

We just wanted to do a short update to let you know how we are all doing at WIT.ID. We decided to have a trial day from home on the 16th of March in preparation & I am so glad we did! We then took the decision on Monday the 16th to have a 90% workforce working from home followed by asking all 20 of us to head home by last Wednesday. It’s working and our clients are keeping us busy.

A week later we have seen some of the most life-affirming acts of kindness and support I could have ever hoped for. Our team are pulling out all the stops to deliver for our clients, our clients are handling the situation with care and we’ve even agreed on new contracts with some clients keeping their eyes focussed on the long term.

The spread of the corona virus in Indonesia continues to expand. The effects of this virus are very worrying: Thousands of people are positive and under surveillance, while hundreds more have died. The number is not a statistic, but it concerns the lives and lives of many people.

The spread of corona has an impact on many things ranging from the health of many people, to the economic life of small communities that has declined dramatically. We can not remain silent to see the spread of this virus. We must please help to stop the spread of the corona virus as soon as possible.


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We are facing what has become our greatest public health emergency in living memory.

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Indonesia Kuat Hadapi Covid-19.

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